The Best

Genuinely one of the best facilitated sessions on any subject I’ve been to anywhere.

Planning Holds Greif

The fact that Zafira held the memorial service and the ceremony after my comrade’s sudden death was a security and a great help in making room for the grief. My role became very practical and so did the grief. Zafira’s warm and thoughtful words/advice and...

Magic in the Room

Any context would be better if Zafira was involved. With Zafira, there is magic in every room.

Top Surgery Farewell

Thinking back to the farewell ceremony which Zafira led prior to my top surgery, I’m still struck by how skillfully Zafira created a beautiful environment in which I felt respected, seen, and safe.

Ceremony in Memory of Daughter

Zafira created a nice and dignified ceremony in memory of my daughter. We had a good collaboration during the planning and design of the ceremony and it became an important part of my grief work. I think everyone who was there felt the same.