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We get a lot of requests from individuals who are seeking guidance and advice on matters that others do better. These requests mainly concern trans health care or questions like “My teenager just came out as non-binary, what should I do?”. There are great organizations that offer support and answers to many of these very valid questions. Please check the resources listed below. 

We don’t offer advice via email or social media. You are welcome to book a spiritual counseling session with Zafira if you think they might be the right person for your needs. 

High Heel Funerals & Ceremonies offers a free 20-minute consultation/negotiation for all new proposals and assignments.



Do you only work with lgbtqia+ communities?

High Heel Funerals & Ceremonies is the only agency that offers grief work, ceremonies and celebrancy exclusively to the lgbtqia+ communities in Sweden. We see a great need for the specific qualification that we have, especially within our target group.

We offer trainings for funeral agencies, celebrants and organizations on how to meet people in the lgbtqia+ communities with respect.

We are happy to create a ceremony for a deceased person within the lgbtqia+ communities even if the client contacting us is cis and heterosexual.

How much do you charge for your work?

High Heel Funeral uses solidaric pricing with a reduced tariff for clients who struggle financially. Most of the offerings are charged by the hour, usually ranging from 600-1000 kr/hour. A funeral or other kinds of ceremonies often require 5-10 hours of work from our side.

The courses we offer have a fixed price depending on the length and number of sessions, with a reduced tariff for people who struggle financially.

How long do you work with your clients?

A lot of our clients take our courses. Others want us to offer spiritual counseling or to plan a ceremony of some kind.. All new proposals and assignments start with a free 20 minute consultation where the length and price is negotiated. Some people take multiple courses and numerous counseling sessions. Sometimes, a client is content after just one or two sessions, or prefers to use us mainly as a soundboard for a ceremony they would like to perform themselves.

Do you take clients both online or in-person?

Yes, we meet clients online (using Zoom, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram or Google Meet) or in-person in Stockholm. We are open to perform ceremonies also outside of Stockholm, this will be negotiated in the first free 20 minute consultation.

Are you working with people from all faith backgrounds as well as atheists?

Yes, the work we do is spiritual but not necessarily religious. We know that many people in the lgbtqia+ communities have experiences from being excluded from congregations in various faith paths. Others long for spiritual work free from religious dogma. All the work we do is based on the fact that queer and trans people are magical, loved and important people in our world. Our celebrant Zafira is an ordained Interfaith Minister and has studied many of the world’s faith paths. High Heel Funerals & Ceremonies strives for a decolonizing approach to spirituality and actively works against cultural appropriation and white supremacy.

What is a death doula?

A death doula's work is similar to a birth doula’s work, but instead of supporting a new life to be born, a death doula can ease the transition between life and death. Death doulas can offer support to both the dying client and their grieving families and communities. When working with clients who are dying, a doula can be a guide through making important decisions and in writing necessary documents like a will or a letter of attorney. Many death doulas also work with legacy projects and can offer funeral planning. Others work primarily with accompanying a client who is reaching the threshold of death. A death doula complements health care services, but is not a replacement of neither palliative care nor medical treatments. It is never too early to approach a death doula for their services (we’re all going to die, sooner or later).

Do you help people to die?

We offer customized support to people who are dying as well as their families and communities. Common support are workshops around end-of-life planning, legacy work, spiritual counseling, funeral planning and celebrancy, as well as grief courses. We sometimes get requests from people who want support to end their own lives. We do not offer this kind of support.

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