Our commitment is to provide tailored ceremonies, events and resources for queer and trans communities in Stockholm, Sweden. Here are several ways you can find solace, healing, and support. Let us guide you through these significant moments and help you shape a beautiful and authentic story of your own.

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Ceremonies for Significant Life Moments

We believe in the transformative powers of ritual and ceremony to celebrate, commemorate or mark important passages in our lives. High Heel Funerals & Ceremonies offer tailored ceremonies including funerals, relationship or friendship blessings, break-ups, and name givings, to mention the most common ones. All the work we do is based on the fact that queer and trans people are magical, loved and important people in our world. Our celebrant Zafira is an ordained Interfaith Minister and has studied many of the world’s faith paths. We gladly work with clients regardless of faith or no faith. Together we will create a meaningful ceremony or ritual with the best suitable elements. We are happy to discuss further requests or ideas for ceremonies that go beyond the most common ones offered by other celebrants. Don’t hesitate to contact us to bless an SM contract or conduct a funeral for your four-legged family member. ♥

We are proud to offer Tailored Transition Ceremonies, a sacred space honoring transformative journeys of name changes, gender affirming treatments and surgeries. At High Heel Funerals & Ceremonies, we understand the profound significance of these transitions and the necessity to celebrate trans fabulosity. Our customized ceremonies weave compassion, body positivity, healing, love and respect. Let us be your companion on this extraordinary path, shaping a narrative of resilience, bravery, and self-discovery. ♥

Ceremonies for Transitions

End of Life Planning

It is never too early to start thinking about the end of our lives, even if we hope to have many more years left to live. Many people die without having told anyone about their wishes, thoughts and hopes about their deaths. When no one knows, and there is no will, the legal procedure might put these decisions in the hands of people who didn’t even know the deceased very well. For queer people, this is not uncommon, since many of us live in family constellations that do not necessarily have legal status. There are too many sad stories where trans people are buried in the wrong name or gender, or when chosen family, life partners and close friends haven’t been invited to their loved ones funerals. It is possible to secure a dignified and queer hearted end of our lives. High Heel Funerals & Ceremonies offer assistance and workshops in how we can approach these delicate and sometimes quite difficult subjects, for both groups and one-to-one clients. ♥

Introducing Legacy Work, a heartfelt journey of preserving cherished memories and stories for generations to come. At High Heel Funerals & Ceremonies, we understand the deep significance of leaving a lasting impact on the vibrant queer and trans communities of Stockholm, Sweden. Our dedicated team is here to honor your unique legacy, crafting captivating narratives that celebrate your remarkable life and contributions. With compassionate guidance, we offer support in creating meaningful legacies through thoughtful planning, storytelling, and memorialization. Trust us to help you weave a tapestry of remembrance that embraces your individuality and touches hearts for years to come. ♥

Legacy Work

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling could be described as spiritual mental healthcare and goes beyond traditional forms of psychotherapy by tapping into the importance of religion or spirituality within a person’s life. Spiritual counseling can also advantageously function as a complement to other forms of therapy and healing work. 

Our Interfaith Minister Zafira is a trained spiritual counselor and offers counseling to both groups and individual clients. ♥

Our Interfaith Minister Zafira Vrba Woodski offers training and lectures for funeral agencies, celebrants, organizations and religious/spiritual groups on how to meet people in the lgbtqia+ communities with respect. Zafira also offers lectures about death, dying and celebrancy to the lgbtqia+ communities. Lectures, workshops and training are customized around every client’s needs and can be anything from an hour up to several workshops over a number of weeks. 

Zafira has over twenty years of experience as a lecturer and process manager at numerous institutions such as RFSL, Gothenburg University, Stockholm University, Moderna Museet, the Royal Dramatic Theatre and the Museum of World Culture. 

LGBTQIA+ Awareness & Inclusion Education

Events, Workshops & Courses

High Heel Funerals & Ceremonies offer a variety of events, workshops and courses. Over the year, we host regular Death Cafes, Dinner With Death and grief circles, and always commemorate Trans Day of Visibility, IDAHOT and Trans Day of Remembrance. We often collaborate with art spaces, libraries and lgbtqia+ organizations as a way to make our offerings accessible to our wider communities. Please get in touch with us if you would like to invite High Heel Funerals & Ceremonies to host an event or if you want to sign up for one. ♥

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Guided meditations

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